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Wildflower mixes and bulk wildflower seeds. Gourds in many of the different seed companies. Cat grass, cat mint, catnip, Gourmet Mixed Greens, Four Grass Mix--all for your furry friends.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange features all organic seeds.  

New Dimension Seed Company features Asian vegetables.  The photo packages include a recipe on the back.


Sow True Seeds is a local Asheville seed company with open-pollinated and untreated vegetable, herb and flower seeds.  They include organic, heirloom and traditional favorites.


Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has all heirloom varieties of vegetables and flowers.


Weeks Seed Company features traditional favorites of vegetables and flowers.  They also have the NC Giants, record breakers for you to grow.

The Cook’s Garden has herbs and vegetables, featuring organic and other favorites.  The package includes a recipe on the back.


Livingston Seed Company has a large variety of seeds.  They include organic and heirloom vegetables, flowers and herbs.  Livingston has ornamental corn, Indian corn and popcorn and flowering kale.  The organic panel includes wheat grass, popular for juicing.  The pumpkin panel includes Giant varieties of pumpkins, cantaloupe, watermelons, and bell peppers. 


Renee’s Garden has the biggest selection of zinnias, nasturtiums, poppies and other flowers.  Renee’s also has many organic herbs and vegetables and heirloom vegetables.  They have a vast selection of vegetables, flowers and herbs, including edamame.


Olds Seed Company has traditional and organic vegetables and herbs.


Burpee Seeds are available in organic and heirloom.  They also have lines of Italian herbs and vegetables, Asian vegetables, and Spanish herbs and vegetables.  Flowers include annuals and perennials.  There are packages of seeds grouped together for the best showing around a mailbox, trellis, for cut flowers and others.  Seed tapes make it easier to plant your seeds.  And for larger quantities of beans, corn and peas they have Value Packs.


Wetsel Seed Company carries our large packages of seeds for your garden, ranging from 4 ounces to 1 pound sizes.  They also carry picture packs of popular vegetables, herbs and flowers, with a large variety of sunflowers, too.


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    seeds for sale Asheville
    In Asheville Jesse Israel and Sons has the best selection of mountain favorite Seeds and Bulbs
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    In Asheville Jesse Israel and Sons has the best selection of mountain favorite Seeds and Bulbs
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    In Asheville Jesse Israel and Sons has the best selection of mountain favorite Seeds and Bulbs