Organic potting soil is a good choice for your container vegetables, and we have several kinds of organics.  We carry many lines of organic seeds for your garden.  Choose from Sow True Seeds from right here in Asheville, Burpee,  and Olds Seeds.


   Espoma, Monrovia and Jobes have organic fertilizers that we carry.  We also have organic Chickety-Do-Do.  Fish emulsion is also a very good organic fertilizer. 


   If you don't want to spray chemicals around your home and family, come in and check out the all-natural products we have for insect control.

  1. Organic Potting Mix

    Organic Potting Mix
  2. Organic Seeds

    Organic Seeds
  3. Organic Fertilizer

    Organic Fertilizer
  4. Organic Fertilizer

    Organic Fertilizer